Fair Share

Seaton Valley celebrates the end of a successful 10 year programme with Fair Share  

On Monday 11th March a celebration event took place at New Hartley Community Centre in Seaton Valley.  The event was held to mark the end of a very successful Fair Share programme and was attended by over 50 local people.  The evening began with Dr Chris Drinkwater CBE, Deputy Chair of the Community Foundation for Tyne & Wear and Chair of the Seaton Valley local panel giving a brief overview of the programme, identifying a number of the programmes successes with special praise for CVABV on their role in working with the local community to identify local priorities, in designing the programmes framework and in delivering the community development programme, which has proved to be highly successful.

This was followed by a presentation from Dr Christopher Hartworth, Barefoot Research and Evaluation, who commented that in all his 20 years of evaluating local development work, the Seaton Valley Fair Share programme had been ‘the most successful programme of development work’ he had ever evaluated. The evaluation report comments that ‘the local programme has been a success. More than this, it has been a remarkable success and we think it is a model of best practice’ and ‘The experience has been a true embodiment of participatory development; local development led by local people on their terms’.  Again Chris recognised the quality of work undertaken by CVABV in designing the programme of activities to be supported and in the quality of work and staff provided by CVABV.  

George Arnott, Chair of the Seaton Valley Community Partnership, talked about the work of the partnership, their plans for the future and their resolve to continue the fantastic progress that had been achieved thanks to the work of CVABV.

At the end of the evening everyone took advantage to network and enjoyed a wonderful buffet provided by New Hartley Community Association.

Seaton Valley Fair Share

Fair Share was a Big Lottery fund programme which ran between 2003 and March 2013. It was a community development programme which aimed to give control to local communities to enable them to direct their own development with a total of £881,183 awarded to the Seaton Valley area over to be spent over a 10 year period. The aims of the programme were to:

  • Build capacity: the confidence, skills and experience of individuals and communities
  • Build social capital: the networks, relationships and contacts of individual, voluntary and community groups and statutory bodies within communities
  • Enhance liveability: the physical space in which communities exist
  • Improve sustainability: a positive lasting legacy.

Fair Share was not a grants programme, in that it was a local funding resource to which funding applications could be made. Moreover, as the Fair Share Trust states, it was about process rather than projects and ‘only in this way can the importance of learning from unsuccessful projects be retained’.

A short video of some of the Fair Share projects and beneficiaries can be viewed below:

A summary of the Fair Share Trust evaluation report for Seaton Valley can be found by clicking here.

The full Fair Share Trust evaluation for Seaton Valley can be found by clicking here.